As a firm we take cognizance of the fact that pursuing customers, clients, companies and anyone else who owes money can be time consuming, infuriating, tiresome and damaging to cash flow. As such, seeking our specialist assistance to recover debts would therefore be a cost-effective way to make this process much easier and faster. We plan our approach around our clients’ circumstances, needs and priorities. With strong skills in negotiating out of court settlements and exceptional experience with court litigation, our debt recovery team always ensures that the cost of recovering our clients’ debt always stays proportionate to its value.

Our debt recovery team of Advocates understands the importance of balancing the impact of bad debts against the cost of recovery. We are recognised for providing exceptional legal and transactional advice in this area of law. Our practical and innovative approach to each transaction ensures that we deliver quick, clear and concise solutions that trigger prompt payment, but where more robust action is needed, our team is highly experienced with the full range of legal options, including institution of court proceedings.

We assist personal and business clients with all aspects of debt recovery, including:

  • Pre-action debt collection: The first step in our debt recovery process will be to send a demand letter before action. This will clearly set out the amount owed, the reason for the debt and the date by which payment is required to avoid further action. Our team is highly experienced in drafting these letters and dealing with any follow-up correspondence.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Where a settlement cannot be agreed through straightforward negotiation, but the parties still wish to avoid court proceedings, we provide commercial mediation and arbitration, which is a much faster, less costly and less acrimonious than pursuing a debt through the courts.
  • Court debt enforcement: Where full payment or a suitable settlement cannot be secured, or the debtor simply refuses to engage, it may be necessary to pursue court proceedings. We have a qualified robust litigation department that represents clients in all Courts and Tribunals and our services go beyond the ordinary call of duty to ensure highest satisfaction to our clients.
  • Winding-up Orders and Insolvency Orders: Our debt recovery Advocates assist clients in pursuing debts where the debtor has become insolvent, they assist in the application for insolvency Orders and Winding Up Orders and dealing with Insolvency Practitioners and the Official Receiver as may be required.

Our clients include corporates, financial institutions, state-owned entities and county governments.