Our Corporate & Commercial advocates provide a comprehensive range of corporate and commercial services to domestic and foreign clients planning to invest, or do business, in the Kenya. These services cover all aspects of the client’s business and all transactions undertaken by the client within the framework of the Kenyan legal regulatory regime.

Our commercial lawyers provide seamless and cost-effective solutions to multinational companies from corporate, finance, employment to tax and industry specific legal regulations – can be covered by one integrated team that understands the operating environment in every jurisdiction involved in the transaction.

Our team represents a large number of multinational clients that are leaders in their respective fields and SMEs within the country. We advise and assist clients in the establishment of operations within the country based on the legal framework. This involves obtaining all registrations, licenses and approvals and meeting all legal requirements for their operations. Our team’s extensive experience in advising clients in this area of law puts us in the unique position of being fluent in the intricacies and complexities of issues relevant to foreign investors interested in doing business in Kenya.

 Our services include work relating to:

  • Advising on the legal framework for the proposed business activity, as well as on the preferred vehicle or structure for the investment, including the establishment of branches, subsidiaries, representative offices, regional headquarters, regional operating headquarters, and other types of business vehicles
  • Advising on and obtaining special registrations for corporate entities to avail of tax and other incentives under Kenyan law
  • Advising on and obtaining government approvals, permits, licenses and registrations for the client’s operations
  • Preparing, negotiating and reviewing contracts for various corporate and commercial transactions that may arise from the client’s business
  • Advising on the Kenyan regulatory regime for various corporate and commercial transactions that may have implications on the client’s business.
  • Negotiating of license and assignment agreements.